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Test zira APIs using postman

The best way to play and experience with zira API (before diving into code) is by using our postman collection. We recommend working with postman desktop version see Download Postman

The API collection contains the documentation including examples and code snippets of each API:

  1. Browse to https://apidocs.zira.us/
  2. Click Run in Postman on the top right corner of the page
  3. Install postman

Testing the APIs

  1. First, create new Application and generate API Key
  2. Copy API key (You can re-generate it any time by clicking on the refresh icon)
  3. Select a channel where you want to appear
  4. Copy channel ID

  5. Open postman and select the “Add Post” API
  6. Add the API key to the x-api-key header
  7. create your first post following below payload
  8. Voulla! if success
  9. open the channel
  10. Your post is there

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