How to use zira API

Welcome to zira developers docs! 🤓

If you are new with zira, we recommend you to start by

reading the docs or watching the videos  

  • It is highly recommended for developers to use our Postman collection for API testing
  • If you have any question regarding zira API, you are welcome to ask our team on GitHub Discussions.


Zira API allows developers to integrate zira with other software and to create custom zira applications

Possible Usage:

  • Create custom post on zira feed
  • Manage tasks on zira
  • Create custom collector, in order to post your data to zira data-source
  • Orchestrate business workflows that reflects on zira feed
  • Fetch aggregated data from zira channel
  • Fetch real-time, normalized data from zira data-source
  • Export CSV file on specific time range/interval
  • Import CSV file to specific data-source (for history upload or batch)
  • Connect IOT data-sources in order to manage them on zira app, visualize data and automate processes

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