Modbus Device

Zira supports Modbus data collection.

After a the data-source is configured properly Zira will connect to the Modbus Gateway and collect the data from the relevant device.

creation of a new modbus data-source is done by selecting “Zira-modbus” collector.

modbus collector
modbus collector

after choosing the Zira-Modbus collector the parameters that described here should be filled. there are additional parameters that are specific to modbus:

  • Ip - the ip of the modbus gateway must be accessible from public network
  • Port - the port of the modbus gateway
  • Slave Id - meter identifier, between 1-255
  • Reading Interval - in seconds, minimum value is 60 (1 minute), defined the data polling interval.
modbus params

if the data-source type has known device models it will allow to choose the model or to use a schema.

Modbus data-source model

when a model is chosen the following parameters needs to be chosen:

  • Manufacturer - the Manufacturer of the device.
  • Model - the specific model name of the device.

if a model is chosen the schema already fully defined.

modbus model

Modbus data-source schema

there are 2 types of schemas: Modbus and Modbus-Analog Modbus-Analog has all Modbus parameters and the 4 analog parameters.

Schema parameters

  • Name - textual field, the name of the schema. the name is unique at site level.
  • Register Offset - numeric field, defines the offset the register for all metrics in the schema.
  • Holding - boolean toggle, are registers that are read holding or input registers.

Schema metric parameters

Modbus has all standard schema parameters with additional modbus specific parameters:

  • Register Type - a drop down list, defines the type of the data that is being retrieved from the device.
    • int16
    • uint16
    • int32
    • uint32
    • float32
    • float64
  • Base Register - numeric value, defines the start register of the data.
  • Endian - drop down list, big or little endian. defines how to interpret the data.
modbus schema

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