Create an account

Zira is free for private users and developers If you are an enterprise user and your organization already has a Zira account, you should ask your admin to invite you to Zira. this will allow you to access your organization assets.

  1. Browse to Create-an-account
  2. Fill the registration form
  3. Agree to terms & conditions
  4. Click “Create account” button
Create an account
Create an account

A verification email will be sent to you in order to authenticate your email address.

  1. Click the link and it will redirect you back to zira web application
Verify email
Verify email

The verification code is valid for specific time. in case your verification code expired, no worries, you can click Resend verification code and fresh verification email will be sent to you.

after log-in, you will redirected to zira feed

Main feed
Main feed welcome post

Right on! 🦾

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