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Let AI streamline processes for your production, energy, quality, safety, and maintenance teams.

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Imagine a world where machines and team members talk to each other.

We have created the collaborative growth platform for you.

How it works

1 Connect

Machine data, people interactions, and process data.

2 Analyze

Insights to problems in real time, and what can be done to fix them.

3 Automate

AI generated corrective actions to solve problems faster and increase productivity.


Avg. reduction in machine downtime


Avg. reduction in energy consumption


Avg. increase in production throughput

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Why Zira?

Because teams can actually use data to do their jobs better.


Bring your business together

People can collaborate over data from machines and human operations that are posted live in one central feed.


Keep work organized

They can represent a machine, team, or anything you like. If a post, trigger, task, or question has to do with a machine or team, you will find it in the channel.


No data scientist required

Search for data, insights, and tasks like you are searching for something on google. No data degree necessary.

Made for manufacturing pros


You are time constrained and monitor countless process variables to make sure production is running as smoothly as possible without variation. Zira will help you detect bottlenecks and keep the machines and processes you are responsible for humming.

Plant Manager

You have complete responsibility for the plants P&L, so your day-to-day is focused on deploying resources that enable your teams to run the plant at optimal efficiency, as safely as possible. Zira will help you identify and improve inefficiencies in machines and processes. You will confidently make decisions and proactively tackle issues with up to the minute machine status and production data.

Quality Manager

You safeguard the reputation of your plant and happiness of your customers. Meticulously following production output, you make sure standards are upheld and run root cause analysis when problems arise. Zira will allow you to respond in the moment, proactively addressing issues and defects based on the most up to data data and trends, not customer complaints.

Operations Manager

You need to know how and why production is constrained so that you can work to increase throughput, reduce downtime, and lower costs that will keep you competitive. Zira will ensure that you can help your plant meet production and efficiency goals. Providing real time access to downtime, throughput, and process data gives you visibility into the problems and solutions that will substantially increase and maintain OEE.

Saftey Manager

You are responsible for the well being of everyone at the plant, training new employees on proper procedures, documenting near misses and good catches, and providing re-training when necessary. Zira will allow you to shift your time from chasing sheets and transcribing data to analyzing trends and addressing issues and processes that will enhance safety.


Just because we couldn’t fit it here doesnt mean Zira isn’t for you. Anyone can use Zira to do their job smarter.

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